Keeping your house safe

Carbon Monoxide:


New data has revealed that cases of carbon monoxide poisoning is on the rise.  Despite the efforts of campaigners to encourage people to protect themselves with an alarm.


CO poisoning can only be detected by an alarm as you can't see, smell or taste it.  Children and older people are particularly at risk because their bodies are more susceptible and, in the case of some older people, are less likely to keep their appliances serviced



Smoke Alarms

The number of smoke alarms to fit in your home depends on your particular circumstances. Fires can start anywhere, so the more that are fitted, the higher the level of protection.  For maximum protection an alarm should be fitted in every room except bathrooms as steam may trigger the alarm


Gas Safety


All gas appliances in your property need to be safety checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer annually and serviced according to the manufacturers instructions.  Unchecked appliances could pose a risk to your safety



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