Household Tips


Heating: You will save more energy by only turning it on when it's needed rather than keeping it on all day on a low setting. 


Thermostat: By turning down your thermostat can make a significant impact to your heating bill.


Practical solutions: During the colder months of the year, wear an extra layer of clothing and put an extra blanket on your bed to help avoid having to turn your heating up. By opening your curtains on a sunny day will essentially heat your house for free, but also remember to close them to keep the heat in once it goes dark.


Boiler:  By having your boiler serviced regularly you'll ensure is stays efficient and helps keep your heating bills down. It's also worth noting that a boilers lifespan is around 10-15 years, so if your boiler is older that this then you perhaps consider a new more efficient boiler.  Feel free to discuss your boiler needs or book a boiler service Contact Us


Radiator valves. By adding radiator valves to your radiators you will have more control over how your home is heated. Please call to discuss this option Contact Us


Hot water storage cylinder: If you have a water cylinder with a thermostat, keep it set to around 60 degrees Celsius; a higher temperature is unnecessary for most homes and will only waste energy


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