Boiler installation services

Gas is a valuable raw material which requires professional and expert handling.  We offer extensive solutions for your gas installations, pipe maintenance and more.


It’s a big decision when it comes to buying a new boiler for your home.  Most boilers tend to breakdown when they are switched back on for the first time as the colder weather starts creeping back after the summer.  When you turn your boiler on for the first time, an ageing boiler is put under stress and it becomes less efficient, using more energy to work and they have a tendency to breakdown, which can be expensive.


Over the years we have worked with many boiler manufacturers.  We recommend our domestic customers choose Worcester Greenstar Combi or Baxi Combi when installing a new boiler because they offer value and reliability.  The Worcester Greenstar generally comes with a 5 year warranty and the Baxi generally comes with a 7 year warranty.


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